The Sanders Watney Trust is the charitable arm of the British Driving Society.The main objective of the trust is to help disabled persons follow their goal of carriage driving. Financial assistance may be given to RDA affiliated Carriage Driving Groups for the Disabled in the form of gifts or interest free loans to help towards the purchase of carriages, harness, driving holidays or training seminars.

Carriage Driving Groups      

Disabled driving groups are available all round the United Kingdom that provide a fulfilling and exhilarating experience for carriage drivers with disabilities with the opportunity to learn new skills for people of all ages and abilities of a restrictive nature. These include physical handicaps, visual impairment, hearing impairment and learning difficulties. The Groups are run by an army of volunteers to facilitate everything necessary for a disabled carriage driver. Purpose made carriages to accommodate wheelchairs for specially trained RDA approved horses and ponies are some of the equipment adapted for disabled drivers that the Sanders Watney Trust supports with it's financial assistance.

Training Grants

The Sanders Watney Trust  provides training grants to support workshops for improving the skills of disabled carriage drivers. The Trust also gives training grants to RDA carriage driving coaches whose presence in the carriage is vital to ensure the safety of the disabled drivers.

Carriage Driving Holidays

The Sanders Watney Trust often makes contributions to the cost of driving holidays for disabled carriage drivers organised by disabled driving groups. For some, these holidays are the only opportunity they have to experience carriage driving in different areas.  The holidays enhance their driving skills, allow them to make new friends and have lots of fun in the process.

Financial Assistance

Since the The Sanders Watney Trust was established in 1986, the charity has made grants totalling over £160,000 for the benefit of the RDA carriage driving community.


The Sanders Watney Trust runs two scholarships annually to fund training and tests for one disabled driver and one RDA carriage driving coach.  They are open to any member of an RDA affiliated disabled carriage driving group who is also a member of the British Driving Society. Further details on all the above are available from the Sanders Watney Trust.